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Unique Image Embroidery

Lets Convert your Image send it to us to have a look: info@sewthem.com

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Unique Image Embroidery - Create your own Unique Art-Work for your Home

Whether its a lovely image with your pets, siblings spending time together, a precious time with your loved ones... or any other magical moment you have captured in an amazing photo, Please send it to me here and let me turn your memories into an Amazing Unique Embroidered Art Work to display in your home or Gift to loved ones.

Each Personal Image created costs £125. No frame is included in the price.



Other Notes:

All images ideally need to be High Definition

Sadly not every image is suitable to for conversion to embroidery (shadows, colour definition , blurring can all affect the quality of conversion). If you want to send me the image first via email @ info@sewthem.com, I am always happy to look at the image and let you know. Closer up Images always give the most clarity of images rather than zoomed in.

Frames are not included and once ordered items are non refundable

Please note, the Images shown are not for sale - these are examples of what I have already created to give you ideas.

Have a look at the Gallery for other images that have been converted

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